Real power of a 100 cc passion pro bike -check details and power.

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

This is my first writing and on first on my own website .i thinks a lot but i dont know how to write and what to write so its today 6 may 2020 and whole world in quarantine and its 12 am i check my TIKTOK and after some time i found my video which i uploaded on my both accounts tiktok and YOUTUBE and video is that of my own passion pro bike a 100 cc hero bike .

Me and my friend both are on the bike and decided i decided to check the power of bike in 1st-3rd gear and i found an unbeleivale result.

Here i attached the video to see the live reults and the result i found that it can acheive an acceleration of 0-80 kmph in just 26 seconds in 3rd gear and it includes the weight of me and my friend approx to 145 kg.

If u like this blog then subscibe to my social media accounts and my youtube channel.

For more details visit to the official site page of Hero


Lakshya Verma

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